We are currently working on implementing consignments and estate processing into our process. Our process is fully transparent every single item you can clearly see the result. This page currently is mostly informational until I feel the service is 100% to my standards. 

This is currently only for sports cards and memorabilia and collectibles that are not coins/gold/silver (we buy those outright as they have a set daily price that is quoted daily).

We have had an overwhelming response to our simple process: Fast…Easy…Honest

Time is Money, so to speed up the process we are not here to sell off unwanted furniture and Knick knacks. We are here so you don’t get ripped off elsewhere with your items of true value.

We should be your first call, not your last. The truth is only 3% of estates qualify for our bespoke service and our minimum currently is $20,000 total value due to our low processing fees (typically 3%-7% net profit). 

We have been in business for 40 years and I have personally done it for 23 years.

Thank you and we understand this isn’t the normal process for this service but we do not visit estates until after we have talked and met during our normal business hours at our location as to not waste our and your time.